Welcome to the neighborhood!  This site is now doubling as my Salt Lake Community College ePortfolio and my personal blog.  The goals of each are interconnected, and my hope is that the content of my coursework will fit nicely into the context of my personal writing.



About Me

I am a freelance urban and social critic with a background in urban planning, community and economic development, and social policy.  This space is for my SLCC coursework as well as my thoughts and reactions to news and personal experiences from the vantage point of cities, economics, policy and politics, and anything else that interests me at the time.  My goal with all of this is to get the preliminary educational background necessary to apply for a graduate program to study city economics and history.  My blog posts will mostly serve to make connections between what I’m learning in my classes, what I’ve learned previously, and what is currently going on in the world.  But I won’t kid myself.  Sometimes I’ll write about something completely different, and I’m okay with that.


Note: Use this link to help you set up your ePortfolio.


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