Say It’s So, Joe!

I don’t want to jump the gun here too much, but it seems as though it is at least possible for the Republican-led House and the Democratic Senate to reach a budget agreement before the April 8th doomsday scenario; this according to some breaking news last night.  VP Biden, ever the communicator (however effective and appropriate), and Speaker Boehner (without tears) both claimed last night that an initial deal has been reached between the two sides with the target number of $73 billion.  This is about right smack dab in the middle of where things stood with each side ($100 billion from the House, $51 billion from the Senate) before the most recent rounds of negotiations commenced, which is a good sign for the state of compromise that defines effective American lawmaking.  Whether the Tea Party gang will accept this is another story.  But I’m cautiously optimistic.  I may not agree with all of the cuts that will be made, but that’s not the point anymore.  The real point is: can we have any sort of confidence anymore in the ability of our divided congress to get things done?