Reasons for Urbanism and Its Future

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a proponent of government and business investment in urban cores as a strategy for healthy regional growth and economic recovery.  Obviously, the best kind of investment is private because it is sustainable and not politically-charged.  But because of past government policies (Interstate Highway Act, freezing … More Reasons for Urbanism and Its Future

Was The Donald Born in America?

Okay, with all of the other much more important stuff going on right now, I just can’t help myself.  I have to comment on this idiot.  THE Donald was interviewed yesterday by NBC and made a huge stink about being so sure that President Obama was born someplace other than this country (  In fact, … More Was The Donald Born in America?

The New Mortgage Fraud

If you missed 60 Minutes last night, you missed a story that, if it weren’t so typical, it would be the most shocking scandal since the recession began: Story:;cbsCarousel Video:;cbsCarousel sorry folks.  As ridiculous as this sounds, this one ain’t no April Fools joke.  Turns out that those big banks were in such … More The New Mortgage Fraud