Was The Donald Born in America?

Okay, with all of the other much more important stuff going on right now, I just can’t help myself.  I have to comment on this idiot.  THE Donald was interviewed yesterday by NBC and made a huge stink about being so sure that President Obama was born someplace other than this country (http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2011/04/07/trump-sends-investigators-to-hawaii-to-look-into-obama/#more-153209).  In fact, he has built his entire potential campaign for president on this issue.  Are we really back here again?  Well, the man isn’t dumb (as he so often boasts of), so he knows that the birth certificate and birth announcements exist in Hawaii, and he also knows that a good majority of his potential supporters wouldn’t believe it if they saw that evidence right in front of their eyes.  About 20 to 25% of the population (guess who?) still believes the president is foreign, Muslim, socialist and fascist (which makes no sense), and generally wants to eat all of the world’s babies.

So, here’s as much evidence as I can physically give you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:BarackObamaCertificationOfLiveBirthHawaii.jpg





I don’t know what more anyone wants.  Maybe people just have no idea what a birth certificate or announcement looks like or how one works.  My evidence for that comes from The Donald himself, making stupid comments on The O’Reilly Factor.  Apparently, he thinks birth announcements should come the day of birth instead of a few days afterward, only fake births are announced, and birth certificates display the religion of the newborn, which never has any chance of changing.  Even O’Reilly thinks he’s nuts!

No surprises here, but he is now very high up on the list for preferred Republican candidates for President in 2012.  People defend him because, “well, I’ve never touched the birth certificate, so how do I know it’s real?”  Very few people have touched The Donald’s birth certificate, so how do we know he was born here?  Well, he’s white and Republican, so there’s no way he’ll get questioned.  What about Speaker Boehner?  What kind of name is Boehner?  Certainly not a typically American one.  Slippery slope, my friends.  Slippery slope.

Anyway, what’s going to happen to Trump’s presidential ambitions when his investigators go to Hawaii and have no choice but to declare that the President was born there?  That’s the ONE issue that gives him popular support over the other potential candidates.  Doesn’t he know that it’s bad practice to put all of your eggs into one basket, especially one with about a hundred 6 inch diameter holes in the bottom of it?  I thought that was part of business 101.  Personally, I wouldn’t trust him with my finances nor my country’s leadership.  Donald… You’re Fired!