The Beginning of the End

Well, I’m about to break my promise to no longer talk about Mister Puffyhair, but I just had to mark this occasion as the beginning of the end of his spoof of a campaign.  The White House just released the long-form birth certificate (you know, the real one) proving that the President was born on American soil.  As much as I am disappointed that the President caved into the pressure applied by the greatest idiots of our time, I have to hope that maybe this thing will go away and more than half of the news stories on any website I go to will say something other than “Trump” or “Birther.” 

Then again, we’re talking about a group of people who will believe just about anything that comes out of the mouths of people like “the smartest man alive” Trump and “everyone else is a Nazi” Beck.  All they have to do is say that the birth certificate doesn’t prove anything, and that’ll be enough for their brainwashed supporters.  This is what is so troubling about the situation right now: I have no faith whatsoever that large groups of Americans have the capacity to a) think for themselves, b) know an idiot when they see one, and c) vote for someone that has their best interests (not to be confused with what they think will profit them the most) in mind.

But maybe none of that matters, because when it comes to a general election, those people will be – rightly – marginalized by people who are more concerned with reality and the problems that we face.  I’m going to step out on a limb and say that today’s release will finally cause Trump to drop the ruse that he was even thinking of running in the first place.  Honestly, I think this will be a very welcome event for the more serious Republican candidates, many of whom have been fighting hard not to roll their eyes publicly at the sideshow that has been consuming most of the airwaves.  I hope I’m right, but if I’m wrong, Trump ends up running, and his extended self-promotion is allowed to continue, Republicans are doomed to see another four years of an Obama presidency.

3 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End

  1. I agree, Trump is a “side-show”, and aptly put, Ryan. Glad that’s over. Hopefully, he will quietly go away into the night and never return to politics.

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