Meet with Mayor Becker

Got something on your mind about Salt Lake City?  Do you see issues that need to be raised but aren’t currently being talked?  Have ideas to make the city better?  The City and Mayor Becker have an on-going One-on-One Meetings with the Mayor most months throughout the year where residents of the City can sit down and have a 10-minute conversation with the Mayor.  This is democracy and citizen empowerment at its finest!  I wouldn’t expect anything less from a former urban planner-turned-legislator-turned Mayor.  This is undoubtedly why the man has an 80% approval rating and not a challenger in sight for next year’s election.  Or maybe it’s because he is the tempermental opposite of Rocky Anderson. 

Either way, he likes to know your thoughts and concerns, and here’s your chance.  The meetings will occur tomorrow, June 22, from 4pm t0 6pm in Room 306 at the City/County Building.  You need to call ahead to schedule a time slot and give the City a bit of a heads-up about what you intend to speak with Becker about.  This doesn’t give you much time for this month, but the next one is tentatively scheduled for September 28th, so check back here or on the City’s homepage a couple of weeks before then for details.  Remember, you can’t complain about your city and expect to be taken seriously unless you take your civic duties seriously by getting involved.  In some cities, that means calling or writing an email to a city employee or showing up at a council meeting.  Here in the SLC, it can mean going straight to the top.