Liquid Networks

Once again, I started a new book while in the middle of others.  It’s a bad habit, but I can’t seem to help myself.  The current book is Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From. I’m not too far into it, but his stated goal is to describe some universal characteristics of creative environments.  And … More Liquid Networks

A Price-Tagged Populace

Jacobs really goes after the planning profession at the time, saying basically that the whole process was a sham.  In order to suburbanize urban areas, they had to separate people into income groups by geography.  You have the super rich over here; the rich-but-not-overly-so here; the well-off-but-by-no-means-rich here; the upper middle class, middle class and … More A Price-Tagged Populace

What is Urban?

Because I’m a sort of masochist of various reading, I started another book, on top of the Jacobs series, called The First Word, by Christine Kenneally.  It tells the story of how we became interested in the evolution of language, then became uninterested, and then interested again, and where that has led us.  As I … More What is Urban?

The Singularity

One more thing about Ferguson’s book.  In the section about cities, it discusses the ideas of Geoffrey West, a physicist and member of the Santa Fe Institute team.  West proclaims to have a mathematical proof of sorts for the idea of over-success. “One of the bad things about open-ended growth, growing faster than exponentially, is … More The Singularity

A New Project

As a way to get me more deeply thinking and writing about cities and economics, I’ve decided to start a new activity using this blog.  The goal will be to read something relevant daily (or as often as possible) and write my reactions to it.  Simple as that.  I’m accustomed to writing long, well-thought-out essays, … More A New Project