To Be, Or Not To Be… Correct

It seems the political correctness argument (for and against) is coming to a head now.  We’ve been discussing it for a long time, and rightfully so.  It has been taken to the extreme in many circumstances.  As a peddler and crafter of words, I react against any rule that says I cannot say what I mean just because I might offend someone.  In reality, we live in an age where identity politics is everything, so no matter what I say – including the most inane of comments – can be taken as offensive by somebody out there with an ax to grind.  It is annoying that people are so sensitive.  One of the goals I have been working toward in my life in the past several years is to detach myself  ever so slightly from believing anything strongly enough to be offended by someone who thinks differently.  This has saved me from a great deal of stress.  I believe it is just a better way to navigate life.

That being said, with the discourse being what it is right now, I must cautiously side with the pro-correctness people.  At bottom, it is about respect and humanity.  One of the arguments that anti-correctness people make is that they cannot speak truth when they have to so thoroughly watch what they say.  I’ll grant them that, to a point.  But if they have to disrespect an entire group of people to say what they think is truth, they should probably wonder if it is really the truth at all.  I would rather err on the side of care than verbally destroy another person because I care more about my right to say whatever I want than their basic right to be respected as a person.

Of course, this election is not about respecting people.  Sadly, it is quite the opposite.  So, I expect things to get worse before they get better.