Increasing Returns

Brian Arthur and his concept of increasing returns is the key.  Simple systems that only operate in negative feedback loops can only give diminishing returns, but the system is always working its way back to equilibrium.  Increasing returns come when complex systems are in some level of positive feedback.  The increase of A leads to the increase of B, which in return leads to a further increase of A, and so on.  This is how growth and success occurs, and it is the necessary prerequisite of self-destructive success.  Use Waldrop’s Complexity as source.

Also, be aware that complexity science provides the framework for integrating all of the different examples of self-destructive success.  Complexity science is an attempt to understand the underpinnings of all sorts of fields, including biology, physics, economics, politics, etc; i.e. all of the examples I’m using.  So an appropriate introduction to self-destructive success is a crash course but detailed introduction to complexity, chaos, cybernetics, and tipping points.  One cannot understand success and over-success without understanding those basic ideas and processes.