The Edge of Chaos

It seems that creativity and growth happens not at the extremes but at the edge between order and chaos.  Too much order will eat into the creativity, and too much chaos will devour anything stable enough to grow.  This is a tough balance to strike for any dynamic system, which is why positive feedback loops are so relatively rare in nature.  Systems can evolve to create and provide conditions conducive to striking this balance, but it is not a sure thing by any means.  And, consequently, once the balance is struck, keeping that system in balance for any significant length of time is even rarer.  At some point, the success of the system (it’s ability to be stable enough to grow) is likely to become it’s own downfall since the more stable it becomes, the less likely it will remain at that edge of chaos.  It is not chaos that kills successful systems; it is stability.  Stability breeds stagnancy.  Stagnancy can devolve into chaos, but that chaos is almost certainly a result of the stagnancy and NOT the success.