Have you considered starting a new career?  Or maybe you are about to graduate and are seeking a first career.  Have you considered selling life insurance and/or annuities?  Everyone needs life insurance, either to protect his or her family in the event of untimely death, or, at the very least, to cover funeral expenses.  And with the mass extinction of traditional pensions (and the freezing of most of the ones that still do exist), annuities are a great alternative to provide life-long retirement income when the time comes.  The market for life insurance agents is almost limitless for people who know how to sell a product that basically sells itself.

Lugus Learning Services provides learning content that prepares future agents to pass the Utah licensing exam.  Our learning materials are not the fanciest nor the most conveniently delivered that you can find on the market; but we are local, we know what’s on the Utah exam, and we know from vast experience that our content is better and easier to learn from and retain.

We are a local start-up with a simple idea: teach something worth teaching in a way that is worth learning.  A practicing insurance agent could tell you more about the ins and outs of the insurance industry, but chances are he or she would have no idea how to deliver that lesson in a way that you would find interesting enough to retain.  We provide content prepared by experienced writers and teachers who also know what it takes to pass the Utah exam.  The result is that our content is quite a bit less dry and stuffy and quite a bit more relevant to the task at hand: passing the exam!

We have more products on the way and a professional website under construction, but we are offering our first learning product, Life Insurance, now!  We are offering a PDF download of our 270-page Life Insurance book for $29.99 and a comprehensive set of printed and shipped flash cards for an additional $34.99 (although, for better learning, we recommend making your own flash cards using the glossary at the front of the book).

Please email us at with orders or any questions about the Life Insurance book and its content or future products coming soon.  We will answer your questions and product requests within 24 hours.  Lugus Learning Services is here to help you rise to a new career!